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Emergency Radios Stolen from Fire and Rescue Services Vehicles

Sheriff’s deputies are searching for whoever is responsible for the theft of several expensive emergency radio devices taken from the vehicles of fire and rescue services members on Thursday. 

Joel Madren, 50, of 2212 N.C. 87 reported that an 800 mgh portable radio, valued at $3,000, along with a smaller, 400 mgh portable radio ($500), an Emergency Services ID Badge, and a digital camera ($100) were all stolen from his vehicle at 3:26 a.m.  Madren used these items while working with Williamsburg Fire & Rescue. 

Assistant Fire Marshal Jason Brooks was also a victim, as someone broke into his vehicle on Crescent Drive in Reidsville.  The culprit took an 800 mgh radio and a low-band radio, a combined value of $4,700. 

Four Teens Wanted in Reidsville Breaking and Entering

Police are searching for four teens in connection with a breaking and entering of a residence early Tuesday morning, police said in a release.

According to the Rockingham County Sheriff's Office, four teens stole several items from a home on Crystal Lake Trail.

Besides expensive jewelry, a digital camera and two laptop computers, the thieves also stole a nine-millimeter handgun valued at $350.

Police also said the suspects were seen in a gray colored, four-door Nissan Sentra. Descriptions of the suspects included a heavyset white female, a thin female with several sores on her face, a thin white male and a Hispanic male.

The case remains under investigation and anyone with information are asked to call Detective Sgt. Kevin Suthard at 336-634-3238 or Crime Stoppers at 349-9683.

Sam Page Wins Fourth Term as Sheriff in Rockingham Co.

Rockingham County Sheriff Sam Page won re-election on Tuesday night, easily defeating a former deputy to win a fourth term.

Republican Sam Page beat Democratic challenger Bryan Wallace by taking nearly 60 percent of the vote.

Page has been in law enforcement for nearly 30 years and has been sheriff in Rockingham County for 12 years.

Page said some of his goals for his next term including building community watch groups, upgrading radio communications within the county and moving toward a paperless system, according to the Greensboro News & Record.

Suspects Rob Gold Jewelry from Elderly Woman

Sheriff's deputies said an 81-year-old woman had gold jewelry stolen from her after two men tried to use a flooring solitication as a cover.

Deputies said the woman allowed a man into her home and gave him a glass of water after he complained of heart issues. A second man in his 30s walked in the house behind him carrying large samples of flooring material.

The two then began trying to sell the woman flooring material. The woman refused, but after they left, she noticed some of her jewelry missing.

Sheriff Rides Horseback to Local Schools

Sheriff Sam Page spent some time today riding a horse to travel to several schools while sharing his message of red ribbon week, a national drug prevention campaign, with students. 

This picture depicts Sheriff Page at Central Elementary School in Eden. 

Woman Loses Money in Sweepstakes Scam

It sounded too good to be true and it was.

Rockingham County deputies say a woman received a letter from Global Sweepstakes in London, England informing her she had won $250,000. She also received a check for $6,900 to deposit.

Deputies say Butler followed the instructions, sending a money gram to England for $2,960.  However, the "scam artist" told Butler she needed to pay in pounds.  Deputies say Butler sent more money in pounds and the check she had already received was fake.

North State Communications Scam

North State Communications is warning customers about an e-mail requesting confirmation of e-mail addresses and passwords. The company says the e-mail is fradulent and should be ignored and deleted.  North State is reminding customers never share your e-mail password with anyone.