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Sex Offender Arrested for Not Updating Address

Deputies arrested a registered sex offender in Eden on Wednesday for failing to register a new home address. 

Carlton Lewis “Bubba” Haizlip, Jr., 22, was arrested at 8:09 a.m. at 169 Murray Drive. 

Haizlip’s last given address was 213 South Fieldcrest Road in Eden. 

Inmates Transported to New Rockingham Co. Jail

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office successfully transferred 178 inmates from old facilities to the new Rockingham County Jail, located at 170 N.C. Highway 65 in Reidsville, today without incident. 

Security measures were in place throughout the day as the inmates were transported. 

“I was pleased with the move and commend our staff for the organized, safe, and effective way of undertaking this most important task,” reported Sheriff Page. 

The new 75,970-square-foot contains 108 inmate cells and 222 beds.  Each of the six housing pods in the detention wing contains video visitation rooms and out-door exercise areas. 

Police Investigate Missing Person

The Police Department has been investigating the disappearance of Rhonda Jeane Parsons, who was last seen on Saturday, September 18, around 1 p.m. in the general vicinity of the Rob ‘n Ray’s convenience store. 

Parsons, 41, was last seen wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. 

Anyone with information regarding Parson’s location should call the Police Department at (336) 349-1010 or Crime Stoppers at (336) 349-9683. 

Two Arrested in Narcotics Investigation, $118,804 Seized

Two men in Rockingham County have been accused of trafficking cocaine after officers seized 30 grams of cocaine and $118,804 cash. 

Officers purchased cocaine while undercover on multiple occasions from Jose Martarez Perea, 51, of Ellisboro Gardens Lane in Madison. The purchases led to further investigation and the searching property belonging to Daniel Tyler Wilson, 23, of 225 Farrar Store Road in Stokesdale. 

During the investigation officers discovered 30 grams of cocaine and $118,804 in the home. 

Sheriff Sam Page Comments on Recent Acts of Animal Abuse

Sheriff Sam Page of the Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office issued a press release today regarding the recent acts of animal abuse in the county. 

Sheriff Page states, “In the past few weeks we have found a dog with acid poured on him, dogs poisoned with anti-freeze, a dog beaten to death with a small bat while the animal was tied out, and dogs shot to death.  These wicked behaviors are morally unacceptable, and they are illegal.” 

“Investigating these type cases is most difficult, but we will continue to seek those responsible for these cowardly acts,” concludes Page. 

Sheriff Page also sent out a challenge to dog owners to be generally responsible and thereby reduce the chances of animal abuse. 

Officers Obtain Warrant, Find Man that Escaped Police

Eden Police Officers obtained a warrant for a man Stephen Pleasant, 42, who fled and made an escape from police in his vehicle.   

Deputies received information regarding Pleasant’s location, where Officers found him in a back room of a house, located at 1336 Wolf Island Road in Reidsville, at approximately 3:36 a.m. on Monday. 

A shotgun was also found inside of the house, which is believed to have belonged to Pleasant. 

Drive-by Shooting Targets Home on Gold Hill Road

The Rockingham County Sheriff’s Office announced that another shooting has occurred directed at the home of a local resident. 

On Monday, September 6, at approximately 10 p.m., Samuel Moore, 64, reported that he was sitting in his living room chair when an unknown person fired multiple gunshots into his house. 

Moore, of Gold Hill Road in Madison, stated that he heard at least two shots fired and glass shattering in his kitchen.  Moore walked outside to investigate and spotted a vehicle fleeing the scene. 

Investigators found that one kitchen window was shattered and other holes discovered around nearby windows were consistent with gunfire.